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Curtis Foster is an independent hip-hop artist from Chicago who blends a variety of influences into his own brand of "melodic hip-hop". Lyrically his rhymes incorporate details of personal struggle, self-reflection, contemplation, motivation, wordplay just for the hell of it, and a healthy dose of nerd and movie culture references.

Sonically his sound typically incorporates elements of old-school and modern hip-hop with hard-hitting, fast-paced production, quick-fire bars, and an injection of melody for good measure. His writing abilities are displayed through the versatility of his music, switching from rapid-fire, aggressive rhymes to slower, more melodic flows and even infusing elements of rock and punk music through his guitar playing.

He's worked with and opened for a number of notable acts including Wrekonize of ¡MAYDAY!, Ekoh, Joe Budden, Ja Rule, Cam'ron, Curren$y, and KXNG Crooked.

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